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Rev. Luther John Doctorian is an Amenian, born in Lebanon. At age 8, he moved to California because of the Lebanon civil war.

Luther, his father, and family are from Jerusalem. Luther met the living Lord Jesus Christ and is a born again believer. He has been baptized by water in the Jordan River and Jesus baptized him with His Holy Spirit’s Fire. The Lord called and sent Luther to bring Glory to His Name. He was preaching & ministering even before he went to Bible School for formal training. He is an ordained Minister with the Nazarene Church and received his diploma in Pastoral Ministry from Bible School. Luther serves in his local Church as an Associate Pastor in Pasadena, California. Luther proclaims the Anointing and Ordination from the Holy Spirit upon his life as the key most important power and training in his ministry, than any other means of education or schooling. By God’ Grace, the Lord is taking Luther to the nations of the world to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By The Lord’s Grace, Luther has been ministering now in over 30 countries of the world. Luther is blessed with his family including his two wonderful children Joshua and Julia (twins). Luther gives all Glory to Jesus.