Israel Holy Land Tour

(8 days / 8 nights)

June 6-15, 2022


Invitation to visit the Holy Land


Dear Friends,

I invite you to The Holy Land.  This is a trip of a lifetime!  The Lord will privilege us to be in the land where the Holy Spirit has inspired the psalms to be written. You will be walking through the Bible in the land of the Bible.  In This wonderful tour, that we shall have together, there shall be glorious days in Christ. I will be thrilled that you will join us here.  We shall be one family, everyday, praising the Lord.

There is nothing greater than to walk where Jesus walked, to sit where Jesus sat and to see all the wonderful biblical places such as the birthplace of Jesus, where He lived, where He ministered, where He healed the sick and preached the Word of the kingdom.  To see The Garden of Gethsemane, where He drank the cup for our Salvation. Then to go to Calvary, where He died, and to see the empty tomb where He rose from the dead.

Come expecting great blessings from the Lord.  It will be my privilege to guide you in the Holy Land and teach you the Words of the Lord.

My prayer over you is this, that you will be transformed in the likeness of Jesus through The Baptism with Jesus’ Mighty Holy Spirit, and you will go back home rejoicing, filled with The Power Of The Spirit of God afresh and new, to be a blessing to your Jerusalem (your own town).  Hallel Yeshua! See you in The Holy Land!

The Lord Bless you.

Yours in His Glorious Service,

Rev. Luther John Doctorian
Founder and President of Luther John Doctorian Ministries